God’s Home

Do you really think God lives in a building with four walls? Buildings with 20-feet walls which have inscription of His own stories Do you really think He is so self-obsessed? Buildings that have pillars craved with women bowing down at the entrance Do you really think He is a misogynist? Buildings that doesn’t letContinue reading “God’s Home”

जान और संसद

एक आदमीजान से मर रहा हैएक आदमी जान बचा रहा हैएक तीसरा आदमी भी हैजो ना जान बचाता है, ना कोशिश करता हैवह सिर्फ़ दूसरों की जान से खेलता हैमैं पूछता हूँ–‘यह तीसरा आदमी कौन है ?’मेरे देश की संसद मौन है। धूमिल की कविता रोटी और संसद से प्रेरित

Heart Inc.

When we are in loveWith oneself or someone elseThere are some workers in our heartWho process everything we feelInto a thing of beautyBut when our heart is brokenDoes these workers go on a lockdownDoes the creation of beauty comes to a haltNot really,It just slows downAs the workers now divideOne half keep creating beautyStimulated byMemesContinue reading “Heart Inc.”