Untied Laces

I close my eyesTo find words for this poemAnd I see a 10-year old kidOf ‘5th E’ eating his tiffinAlone in the classSitting in the library alone,Limping in the corridorsWhen the other kids ranAfter the last school bellI don’t know why is he aloneMaybe that’s how he feltAll his school lifeWhen only the special shoesHeContinue reading “Untied Laces”

Stage Fright

My right leg is shaking, Shaking as though it is the epicentre of my nervousness Eyes don’t know where to look, Palms don’t know how much to leak As thousand hypothetical judgements travel through the air to lend me my first attack of stage fright Well…last night in front of the mirror it was allContinue reading “Stage Fright”