भगवान और दादा

जब रात अच्छी होती है,तो दादाजी भगवान के कमरे में सोते हैंजब रात बुरी होती हैतो भगवान जी दादा के कमरे में सोते हैंमैं दोनों के बीच में सोता हूंकभी भगवान की तरफ़ वाली खिड़कीप्रकृति के सुहावने गीत गुनगुनाती हैकभी दादा की तरफ़ वाली खिड़कीबुढ़ापे की गाथा कराहती है।

If God Is An Artist

If God is an artist,Did he ever procrastinate?Did he have a deadline to create certain species?Did he just put out first drafts of certain species?Did he use stream of consciousness technique while creating some species?Did he loose interest in the middle while creating certain species?Did he take loo breaks in between?Was he at his bestContinue reading “If God Is An Artist”

God’s Home

Do you really think God lives in a building with four walls? Buildings with 20-feet walls which have inscription of His own stories Do you really think He is so self-obsessed? Buildings that have pillars craved with women bowing down at the entrance Do you really think He is a misogynist? Buildings that doesn’t letContinue reading “God’s Home”

GOD is a novel concept.

God is a novel concept. The first invention in Artificial intelligence. A concept which goes beyond heart and mind and make its way to the SOUL. It was meant to be a life changing concept for human beings. It was meant to spread love and peace. Everything was well and good till few influential andContinue reading “GOD is a novel concept.”

Live and Let Live Please

God please stop tweeting using the hashtag #BlessingsonGaza. It’s time for some real action. Things are really getting out of hand. There are air attacks on Gaza in every 15 minutes. There is no electricity as Israel blew up their only power station. I have stopped paying attention to the statistics of how many humanContinue reading “Live and Let Live Please”