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Untied Laces

I close my eyes
To find words for this poem
And I see a 10-year old kid
Of ‘5th E’ eating his tiffin
Alone in the class
Sitting in the library alone,
Limping in the corridors
When the other kids ran
After the last school bell
I don’t know why is he alone
Maybe that’s how he felt
All his school life
When only the special shoes
He wore
Were his friends
‘Real Friends’
Special shoes
Laces of which
Were always untied
Like the rhythm
Of these lines

English Poetry

I Write Because

I write because

When I put pen to paper

I can be a tree’s trembling heart

When an axe is about to hit it

Or a dog’s warm heart

When his Papa returns every night

I can be my old man’s weak heart

Living his last days

Or a little girl’s cheerful one

When she sings in the shower

I can be an artist’s burning heart

Trying to change the world

Or an athlete’s racing heart

Trying to win the world

I write because

I can be all heart

And nothing more

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God’s Home

Does God only work in certain buildings?

Buildings with 20-feet walls which have inscription of His own stories

Do you really think He is so self-obsessed?

Buildings that have pillars craved with women bowing down at the entrance

Do you really think He is a misogynist?

Buildings that doesn’t let certain section of society to enter based on their caste, creed, religion or gender

Do you really think He is a bigot?

Think harder

Is He really so self-obsessed, misogynist and a bigot or

The builders of these places are

For God…

I think He loves to work from home

And His home is every heart that has ‘Kindness’ inscribed on it

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Heart Inc.

When we are in love
With oneself or someone else
There are some workers in our heart
Who process everything we feel
Into a thing of beauty
But when our heart is broken
Does these workers go on a lockdown
Does the creation of beauty comes to a halt
Not really,
It just slows down
As the workers now divide
One half keep creating beauty
Stimulated by
Memes sent by friends
While the other half
The experienced ones
Discover dingy pathways
Inside our heart
Where fear feeds on hate
And start cleaning it with tears
And a bucketful of ice-cream
This bigger the heart,
The more time it takes to cleanse it
And sooner or later
The ones creating beauty
Feel someone
It can be him or her
Or a newer version of self
Who lights up those dingy pathways
With just a smile
So that the experienced ones
Return to what they do best
Creating beauty

English Poetry

More Than A Pretty Face

You are more than just a pretty face,
They will tell you that you need a hero,
So become one and show them what are you capable of.
They will tell you that a prince charming is coming…
To take you away from the world of problems,
So prove them you can solve your own problems wearing a beautiful smile.
They will tell you the tricks of how to please everyone.
Laugh it off and tell them you are not here please but to prove,
Prove… that you can take your own decision.
Only you know what is best for you.
Nobody else.
Because you are and always will be,
More than just a pretty face.

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Book VS Bullet

History knows it very well,
As the fascists are up to it again
Turning citizens into mere numbers,
Turning people into a blind crowd…
They have cracked the recipe of
Making murderers out of youth
A spoonful of Patriarchy,
A bowlful of Unemployment
With a tinge of ‘Hate Speech’
That’s about it and you have a
19-year old with fake entitlement
Firing bullets at unarmed women and students
With the police sunbathing in the background
But sorry fascists…
Just when you thought we will leave this fight
I assure you that it will continue till we turn every bullet into a book.
The book that treats us as citizens and not merely numbers.

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Fish Strolling In a Garden

Suffocating when everything around me is so beautiful

Sometimes I feel like a fish strolling in a garden

Beautiful, is it?

No seriously a garden is beautiful

But it is not where the fish belongs

Does it?

It is looking for small puddles to survive

Small puddles which are hindrances to others

And a chance to live a bit longer for the fish

Thinking I should have been a grasshopper

So that I can survive this garden

Survive this beauty

And as it ponders

Somebody stomps on the grasshopper

Not knowing how to react

Fish just looks for the next puddle closer to the pond

English Poetry


You know what,
You are a beautiful battlefield
Wake up today
Look yourself in the mirror
Look carefully
Look in those eyes
Look till they turn into fireballs
Fireballs that dreams have ignited in your soul
Fireballs that good vibes have ignited in your heart
Now consider these fireballs as your guide
And light up your path…
Good Morning
English Poetry

Letters to Self #2 (Learn)

Learn every moment, Learn every day
Learn from your Dad, Learn from your Mom
Learn to walk, Learn to fly
Learn how to turn each walk into flight
Learn every moment, Learn every day
Learn goodness, Learn evil
Learn how to turn evil into goodness
Learn to love, Learn to hate
Learn how to turn hatered into love
Learn every moment, Learn every day
Learn how to change yourself for good
Learn everything you could
Learn from a mate, Learn from a stranger
Learn how to turn a stranger into a mate
Learn every moment, Learn every day
Learn from happiness, Learn from sadness
Learn how to turn sadness into happiness
Learn from the sun, Learn from the moon
Learn how to become both Sun and Moon
Learn every moment, Learn every day
You are a student, Life is a school,
Thus, Learn.
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Stage Fright

My right leg is shaking,
Shaking as though it is the epicentre of my nervousness
Eyes don’t know where to look,
Palms don’t know how much to leak
As thousand hypothetical judgements travel through the air
to lend me my first attack of stage fright
Well…last night in front of the mirror it was all fine,
Three strong points to support my argument
which even Frank Underwood cannot overpower and I am done
Daydreaming in the night
Ohh…I am Hitler, I am Gandhi, I am one of a kind
But that was last night…and to be fair to my introverted-ness
I was two drinks down
But now, as it has attacked me
As I am thrown in the middle of this battleground
I begin with my first argument but suddenly my head switches to Dothraki
With a bunch of uhhs and ahhs in my mouth
I am cursing the teacher who advised me to get on stage
I am cursing myself for showing up today
The only things debating right now are two wills
Will to express or the Will to go back
As this tug of war rages in my head
Heart pounds a million every minute
A look of my friend calms me down
He signals me from the audience to look at him
And nowhere else
Ohh that funny faced bastard
It’s like looking at the mirror yet again
And now words come walking back to my brain
Only to find out they’re too late
It’s already three minutes now
But it’s a great start

Isn’t it? I will be better the next time around

Thank you!