14 Hours & 14 Years

It was 14 years since she was laying stillNot moving an inchEverybody lost hopeFirst it was friendsThen relativesThen their kidsEverybody left one after anotherOnly he waitedWaited for a sign by herHe can hear her heartbeat for 14 yearsAnd that’s what kept him goingAnd yeah there was one more thingThat poemHe narrated everydayThat poemShe narratedWhen theyContinue reading “14 Hours & 14 Years”

7-Year Old Psychologist

This poem demands you to breathe.Breathe deeply.The air you just took inMay not be the best you ever took inBut it relaxes youIt is less annoying thanThe air you get in a Lay’s packet.Ohh now you are smilingIf notSmile now.Smile as if you got two candies in one wrapper.Ohh so you know how to breathContinue reading “7-Year Old Psychologist”

Untied Laces

I close my eyesTo find words for this poemAnd I see a 10-year old kidOf ‘5th E’ eating his tiffinAlone in the classSitting in the library alone,Limping in the corridorsWhen the other kids ranAfter the last school bellI don’t know why is he aloneMaybe that’s how he feltAll his school lifeWhen only the special shoesHeContinue reading “Untied Laces”

God’s Home

Do you really think God lives in a building with four walls? Buildings with 20-feet walls which have inscription of His own stories Do you really think He is so self-obsessed? Buildings that have pillars craved with women bowing down at the entrance Do you really think He is a misogynist? Buildings that doesn’t letContinue reading “God’s Home”

Heart Inc.

When we are in loveWith oneself or someone elseThere are some workers in our heartWho process everything we feelInto a thing of beautyBut when our heart is brokenDoes these workers go on a lockdownDoes the creation of beauty comes to a haltNot really,It just slows downAs the workers now divideOne half keep creating beautyStimulated byMemesContinue reading “Heart Inc.”

More Than A Pretty Face

You are more than just a pretty face,They will tell you that you need a hero,So become one and show them what are you capable of.They will tell you that a prince charming is coming…To take you away from the world of problems,So prove them you can solve your own problems wearing a beautiful smile.TheyContinue reading “More Than A Pretty Face”

Book VS Bullet

History knows it very well,As the fascists are up to it againTurning citizens into mere numbers,Turning people into a blind crowd…They have cracked the recipe ofMaking murderers out of youthA spoonful of Patriarchy,A bowlful of UnemploymentWith a tinge of ‘Hate Speech’That’s about it and you have a19-year old with fake entitlementFiring bullets at unarmed womenContinue reading “Book VS Bullet”

Fish Strolling In a Garden

Suffocating when everything around me is so beautiful Sometimes I feel like a fish strolling in a garden Beautiful, is it? No seriously a garden is beautiful But it is not where the fish belongs Does it? It is looking for small puddles to survive Small puddles which are hindrances to others And a chanceContinue reading “Fish Strolling In a Garden”

Letters to Self #2 (Learn)

Learn Learn every moment, Learn every day Learn from your Dad, Learn from your Mom Learn to walk, Learn to fly Learn how to turn each walk into flight Learn Learn every moment, Learn every day Learn goodness, Learn evil Learn how to turn evil into goodness Learn to love, Learn to hate Learn howContinue reading “Letters to Self #2 (Learn)”

Stage Fright

My right leg is shaking, Shaking as though it is the epicentre of my nervousness Eyes don’t know where to look, Palms don’t know how much to leak As thousand hypothetical judgements travel through the air to lend me my first attack of stage fright Well…last night in front of the mirror it was allContinue reading “Stage Fright”