14 Hours & 14 Years

It was 14 years since she was laying still
Not moving an inch
Everybody lost hope
First it was friends
Then relatives
Then their kids
Everybody left one after another
Only he waited
Waited for a sign by her
He can hear her heartbeat for 14 years
And that’s what kept him going
And yeah there was one more thing
That poem
He narrated everyday
That poem
She narrated
When they were both in 6th grade
He used to get bullied
He used to get beaten up
So hard
That one day he ended up in a hospital
Laying still as she was now
But she sat by her side narrating a poem
For 14 hours
Before he opened his eyes
And now he was just returning the favour
For the last 14 years
Until one afternoon
It was the 14th hour of the day
He made two glasses of ginger lemon tea
And started narrating the same poem to her
But for the first time
For the first time in 14 years
He forgot the last and the fourteenth line
Because he saw her fingers moving
Trying to reach for her glass
Which was half filled with ginger lemon
And half with the sunlight.

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