Letter To My Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,
I have been meaning to write this for so long, we have been 3a.m. friends for a long time now. I remember those nights, when you entered my head before school examinations,  college presentations, job interviews and I stayed up all night thinking every worst case scenario that could unfold the next day rather than working on myself. We were inseparable. Do you remember the first opportunity I got to speak on stage, but I could not muster up the courage to speak a word because you were silently holding my hand. You were always there.

But lately, I have been thinking about our friendship and also reading about it. Some of my other friends (Yes, I eventually made some) told me you are a bad influence. I had a difficult time understanding why would they see you as any different from me. But upon educating myself and surrounding myself with some really beautiful people, I realized we were in this constant power struggle of who would take control of my life. But I think it’s time for me to go with life wherever it takes me, without you. Now, I leave on this journey to ‘Emotional Maturity’, I have to distance myself from you.

I know you will want to make a comeback at different struggles of my life the way you have been invading my mind for so many years, and I will be expecting you to do that.  You can enter my head, have a seat, sip a cup of tea with me, but you will have to leave soon because I am not gonna be a harbor anymore. I am taking charge of my life now.

Yours Sincerely,
Young Adult (Supposedly on the way to emotional maturity)

Note: This piece was originally written by me for breathercare.in

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