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Letter To My Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,
I have been meaning to write this for so long, we have been 3a.m. friends for a long time now. I remember those nights, when you entered my head before school examinations,  college presentations, job interviews and I stayed up all night thinking every worst case scenario that could unfold the next day rather than working on myself. We were inseparable. Do you remember the first opportunity I got to speak on stage, but I could not muster up the courage to speak a word because you were silently holding my hand. You were always there.

But lately, I have been thinking about our friendship and also reading about it. Some of my other friends (Yes, I eventually made some) told me you are a bad influence. I had a difficult time understanding why would they see you as any different from me. But upon educating myself and surrounding myself with some really beautiful people, I realized we were in this constant power struggle of who would take control of my life. But I think it’s time for me to go with life wherever it takes me, without you. Now, I leave on this journey to ‘Emotional Maturity’, I have to distance myself from you.

I know you will want to make a comeback at different struggles of my life the way you have been invading my mind for so many years, and I will be expecting you to do that.  You can enter my head, have a seat, sip a cup of tea with me, but you will have to leave soon because I am not gonna be a harbor anymore. I am taking charge of my life now.

Yours Sincerely,
Young Adult (Supposedly on the way to emotional maturity)

Note: This piece was originally written by me for breathercare.in

Hindi Poetry

करेले की सब्जी

मुझे करेले की सब्ज़ी सबसे अच्छी लगती है
पर सिर्फ नानी के हाथ की
जिन्हें जीवन की हर एक कड़वाहट को
मिठास में बदलना आता है ।

Hindi Poetry


आंखें बोली आंसू से तुम क्यों थम गए भाई
उम्र बड़ी तो क्या हुआ अब भी जारी है दिलो दिमाग की लड़ाई…

आंसू बोला दिल से पूछो उसने कितनी बातें छुपाई
दिल ने दिमाग को दोषी ठहराया, कहा उसने दी थी
समझदारी की दुहाई ।