Heart Inc.

When we are in love
With oneself or someone else
There are some workers in our heart
Who process everything we feel
Into a thing of beauty
But when our heart is broken
Does these workers go on a lockdown
Does the creation of beauty comes to a halt
Not really,
It just slows down
As the workers now divide
One half keep creating beauty
Stimulated by
Memes sent by friends
While the other half
The experienced ones
Discover dingy pathways
Inside our heart
Where fear feeds on hate
And start cleaning it with tears
And a bucketful of ice-cream
This bigger the heart,
The more time it takes to cleanse it
And sooner or later
The ones creating beauty
Feel someone
It can be him or her
Or a newer version of self
Who lights up those dingy pathways
With just a smile
So that the experienced ones
Return to what they do best
Creating beauty

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