Pehla Lesson- Insaaniyaat

Use farak nahi padta aapki inn dharm ke naam par hui ladaiyon se,Wo toh roz bhook se ladta hai,Usse Right Wing – Left Wing se bhi koi matlab nahi,Wo toh apne pankh doondh raha hai,Ab agar iss chai ki channi ko hatakar,Usse koi kitaab thama de,Kitaab jismein Insaaniyat ho pehla lesson,Toh usse apne pankh mehsoosContinue reading “Pehla Lesson- Insaaniyaat”

Book VS Bullet

History knows it very well,As the fascists are up to it againTurning citizens into mere numbers,Turning people into a blind crowd…They have cracked the recipe ofMaking murderers out of youthA spoonful of Patriarchy,A bowlful of UnemploymentWith a tinge of ‘Hate Speech’That’s about it and you have a19-year old with fake entitlementFiring bullets at unarmed womenContinue reading “Book VS Bullet”