The Obsessive Storytellers

Growing up, I was obsessed with books

My brother was obsessed with exploring new places

He used to bunk classes to find out the most obscure but beautiful places in the city

And I used to bunk playing to sit in the library

We were embarrassed to meet each other at school

But once every night, we came together

Sitting on either side of our grandmother

To listen to her wonderful bedtime stories

And as we travelled these fascinating worlds

Slowly we became obsessed with stories

My brother’s dreams had the beautiful landscapes of the stories merging with the places he saw in real life 

And my dreams were like the Maha Episode of characters in the bed time stories meeting the characters in the books, I swallowed every day

Finally, his obsession led him to pick up dad’s old  camera and find the most beautiful landscapes in the world

And my obsession led me to pick up the my  grandfather’s pen and find some of the most beautiful people in the world

And that kickstarted our journeys to become storytellers

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