A Millennial Classic

She dragged herself into the library,
As if she was forced by her professor
Being a rebel,
She started LOLing at a meme
With ‘Silence Please’ written just above her
Everyone glared at her
Including a guy,
Hiding behind a Kafka book
Wallowing in his existentialism
But as he looked her for the first time
All his ‘isms’ were set aside
There was an instant character transformation
Straight outta Bollywood film
He committed the blasphemy of keeping down a book without completing a page for the first time
He lost all his shyness at that moment
Started writing something on a bookmark
And passed it to the girl
It was like nothing he has ever written before
It was a clever pickup line
Well, at least in his mind
‘If you go out with me, our story will be turned into a rom-com and if you friendzone me, you will end up being a sad chapter in my autobiography’, it read
She shouted, ‘I prefer the latter one, you arrogant creepy nerd’ and walked out of the library
Next morning, when he opened his laptop
His line featured in a Buzzfeed article called – 10 Bizarre Pickup Lines Used On Me
And that’s how their love story started…

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