An Ode To Adulting

I have recently turned 24

And suddenly it feels like a long day of child play has passed

Till a couple of years back

I used to daydream a lot

I thought that I will just wake up from a 15-minute nap and my anxiety will be gone

My flat foot will be gone

My blog will be viral and I’ll be an overnight success

The people who never liked me

Will change their mind 

Well, nothing on the above list happened 

And being 24 has suddenly made me realize that – IT IS OKAY

Not suddenly actually, it may have its unusual pattern like most other things in the universe

Oh… sorry, meandering is one of my skill, I still can’t get off

Coming back to getting rid of insecurities and faults

I have now realized that it is these flaws which make me who I am 

And Adulting is a roller coaster ride of overcoming these insecurities 

The seat belt to this ride is LOVE 

Self Love and Love for those who ride along

But here’s the dichotomy 

As we grow old, we try to act smart and try to remove the seat belt 

Thinking it is just for minors

But you have to keep reminding yourself 

Though child play is over

You need to keep the seat belt on

You need to strengthen it

Because as the ride gets harder, 

the seat belt should be stronger

Now take a deep breath and fasten your seat belt 

And focus ahead.

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