Humanity and Films

I don’t really like writing about films, but now I realised that I wasn’t watching the right films. But are there any right or wrong films though? Yes, there are, the films that becomes an experience is a right film. Period. The film that connects to you and lets you get in touch with your humanity again is a right film for you. Getting in touch with your own humanity is a big relief in this highly complex mechanical world. The film which transcends human boundaries of language and culture and is yet grounded beautifully in its own reality is a right film. It is very subjective. Keeping this in mind, I made a list of 5 movies from last year which I thought were RIGHT! Actually, I had existential crisis after watching them. Apart from making me cry in the theatre, these films stayed with me and I don’t think they will ever leave me again. They will hold my hand and inspire me to take baby steps in the world of film making. Though it is a list, please don’t focus on the rank. I will not write about these films but just attaching the links to the trailers here. I will also tell you my crying duration during the film.

#5 Sudani From Nigeria (Malyalam) (India)

Crying Duration: 5-7 minutes
PS: This film is available on Netflix

#4- Manto (Hindi) (India)

Crying Duration: 7-10 minutes
PS: Available on Neflix

#3- Shoplifters (Japanese) (Japan)

Crying Duration- 10 minutes
PS: Watched it in Kolkata International Film Festival

#2- Roma (Mixtec, Spanish) (Mexico, USA)

Crying Duration- 10 minutes
PS: Available on Netflix

#1- Capernaum (Arabic) (Lebanon)

This film makes me cry every time I think about it
PS: I watched it in Kolkata International Film Festival

Special Mention- The Price Of Free (Hindi, English) (India)

Crying Duration: 5 minutes
PS: Available on Youtube

This is my list, please let me know in the comments section which movie made you cry in 2018.

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