Letters To Self #1

Hi you ‘Like’ freak

Suffering from a social media disorder

Running after likes and responses on the Internet to feel good about yourself

You are a hypocrite

Not to the outside world but to yourself

For the first twenty years of your life you have swam through seas of pity

Never realising that it was full of plastic

You were born premature, so what

What’s the big deal, it is upon you to fix it

But what you did

You started using the pity as a mental crutch

And that is the worst thing a person can do to himself

You found a thing which you were half decent at


Putting words one after the other

To make sense of it all

But were you able to

Nobody is

Then came the social media monster

Where you tried to do away with pity

But you forgot to take care of your own self

Of your own health

You started getting distracted from the real problems

This started the tug of war

With you limping in the middle

On one side ignorance and self pity of the real world was pulling you

But you wanted to go on the other side which comprised of validation from people behind keyboards

But when they weren’t able to help

You complained in the real world

Complained that world is trying to undermine you

But this whole time, the only person undermining you was you

You cared less and less about your real problems

Your health, your leg, your hand, your life

And when they weren’t fixed

You committed another mistake

You made yourself small in your own damn mind

And expected others to feel otherwise

And accept you as this confident and intellectual person

Just because you shared something funny on their Social media walls

Dude please

First accept yourself

Start working on yourself

Stop pitying yourself

Fix your damn leg, hand, health and life

Throw the mental crutches of pity

Always remember with every second you are getting closer to death

You are losing out on life

And every second you pity yourself

You are not loving yourself

And that’s a moment wasted

Remember, only you that can love you till the end of your life

Please do that

Remind yourself that

Again and again

You don’t need validation of tapping fingers on gorilla glass screens to feel good about yourself

You need yourself to take care of yourself

And a glass in front of you where you can stand and say ‘I love myself’.