Love and Religion

Everybody knows which one is  the greater entity between Love and Religion. But often when they are at war, the lesser one wins and Humanity loses.

Well to put in simpler terms, the ultimate goal of religion is to fall in love with God and the ultimate goal of love is well, to fall in love. This means that religion is born out of love. Then why religion is so arrogant and love is full of fears. Why does Religion is on sale at places of worship and love meets secretly in these places. See, one thing is certain, Love with all its complexities is difficult to understand. Period. That’s why our ancestors might have thought let’s create a means to flirt with God, if we can’t fall in love with the Almighty. So, religion was invented as a means to flirt with God. Now, because there are a thousand ways to flirt, so we have thousands of religions. Each one tutoring us about the best way to flirt with God. But none of them teaches us love, because you can learn about love only by falling in love.

Due to simplicity and a very good marketing strategy fuelled by fear, over the years Religion has become very popular, so it is natural for it to grow arrogant and powerful. It uses this power to brainwash us and stay away from Love. This is the how the enterprise called Religion functions. When our soul begins to dry up due to lack of love, Religion loans us an opportunity to flirt with God and keeps us indebted till we wither away.