Mumbai- An Amusement Park

Mumbai is often considered as a city but it actually has all the ingredients of an amusement park. The entry fee is generally two good trashings by workers of any extremist party. But the new management have come up with some exiciting offers to attract more customers to the already overcrowded ticket window.

*Ek UP waale pe Ek Bihari free* (Extra incentives for those who bring a child labour along).

Let me introduce you to some of the major attractions of this park :

1. Cheapest Rollercoaster Ride (BEST) – Board a BEST bus, sit on the last seat and without the hassle of buckling up, be ready for one in a lifetime experience. The same thrill, the same excitement of a rollercoaster costing 1800 at Adlabs Imagica is now available at Rs.18 (maximum). When you board this bus with your partner, you will literally see your Love in the air, when the bus kisses its own partner, the speed breaker.

Caution: This ride can give you back pain or bring back some old pains.

But this park has cure to your every pain. There are people selling Babaji Ki BOOTI selling all kinds of medicines. These wannabe Heisenbergs make more money than the normal chemists in their small vans. 

                                                                    Featured image

2. Toy Trains ( Local Trains) – These are called toy trains because of the people who travel in them. They do not consider their own lives valuable. Most of them hang on the gates despite there being enough space inside. It is the only place where some adults sleep as peacefully as newborns while others fight as fearlessly as school kids. It is mandatory to use two to three cuss words before entering in this toy train.

We can find one more baba in the advertisements on this toy train. This baba is jack of all trades. He is your general physician, psychiatrist, sexologist, singer, dancer (Basically the guy from MSG). He can be also found in the comments section of viral youtube videos.

3. Merry Go Round (AutoRickshaws) – In this ride the only merry making person is the AutoRickshaw driver himself, who goes round and round with the customer. The park also serves his purpose very well as most of the other parks have a main lane and one or two by-lanes maximum. But Mumbai has a lane, a by-lane, a by-by-lane and 23 other lanes likewise.

But the most intriguing factor about these rides is the attitude of drivers. An average Mumbai AutoRickshaw driver has an attitude that equals two SRKs with a tinge of KRK.

4. Treasure Hunts- This amusement park organizes an invisible treasure hunts to find happiness in life. To tell you a secret, the clues of this treasure hunt are generally hidden with the street vendors who sell chai, vada – pav, dosa, frankie , pani-puri,sandwiches, and of course, chinese bhel. When two MumbaiKars meet at these checkpoints, they have to interact in some way or the other (At least share a smile) to unlock the clue. The eventual happiness is the sum of these little little moments.

End of Part 1.

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