Heavenly Economic Crisis

The Hindu Bhagwandom is going through a recession. There are 33 Crore Gods to cater to the fear of only 100 Crore BHAKTS. Most of the powers are in hands of very few Gods. This situation of imbalance in Demand and Supply mechanism resulted in unemployment. Most of the economic analysts passed from Kuber Institute Of Management are terming this condition as Heavenly Economic Crisis.

To break from this highly capitalistic scenario and generate new employment opportunities, The Holy Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh came up with some major reforms to revive the faith crisis. They are as follows:

1. Monetary reforms – The idea behind this reform is to put a highly popular extremist leader on a Dias where he can brainwash BHAKTS and encourage them to give birth to at least 3 children despite his highly backward economic conditions. This will increase the supply of BHAKTS. 

2. Disinvestment – Followers of other religions are encouraged ( Nobody said FORCED) to disinvest their faith in their own religion to become a BHAKT. ( Again I am not using the word FORCED CONVERSION).

3.  MultiDimensional Investment- BHAKTS are encouraged to invest their faith in various Gods. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and their families are to solve general problems. But everyone should have a local God often called ‘ Kuldevta’ to cater to local problems.

4. Foreign Investment- Some pseudo NRI BHAKTS add a element of spirituality and team up with the same Gods to open temples in different countries. The major selling point of these temples is good quality cheap food. This reform is given great importance considering the future of globalized world.

5. Social Media Management – The spread of internet have infested the evil idea of atheism in the young minds. Some socially addicted BHAKTS are doing their bit by sharing pictures of various Gods and Goddesses on Facebook and WhatsApp. These pictures usually comes with a warning to like it and share it or your life will be ruined. Often these BHAKTS are sent on missions to damage multiplexes when movie like PK releases. 

But the root cause of this heavenly crisis is the BHAKTS themselves. They have started challenging the preconcieved notions of God and started thinking. Man becoming rational about these topics have eroded the Heavenly Economy.

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