GOD is a novel concept.

God is a novel concept. The first invention in Artificial intelligence. A concept which goes beyond heart and mind and make its way to the SOUL. It was meant to be a life changing concept for human beings. It was meant to spread love and peace. Everything was well and good till few influential andContinue reading “GOD is a novel concept.”

Message from Soul

Dear Man, Hey there, this is your soul, not your soulmate.. You idiot, your soul. Its been a long time since we last met. I think you have become so obsessed with technology and artificial connections that now you need a smartphone application to face your inner self also. I don’t blame this on you.Continue reading “Message from Soul”

Zindagi ne mujhe meri aukaat dikha di

Zindagi ne mujhe meri aukaat dikha di, Bhuke pait aur Ek Muskaan se ek hi jism pe mulaqaat kara di, Ab toh paanch sitara hotel main duniyabhar ki cheezein khaate hain, Par woh muskaan kahi chali gayi , jo udhaar ke doodh se bani maa ke haath ki kheer khakar aati thi. Zindagi ne mujheContinue reading “Zindagi ne mujhe meri aukaat dikha di”

If Karan Johar made Interstellar

If Karan Johar made Interstellar, first of all, there will be a love triangle between TARS, Dr. Brand and Cooper and before getting seprated from the two, Cooper will give some courtship tips to TARS,   Kyunki Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho. Professor Brand , (who will be a gayish character) will have a secretContinue reading “If Karan Johar made Interstellar”

Khawabon Ka Traffic Hawaldaar

Khawabon ki rehguzar main bahut se Traffic Hawaldaar khade hain Un sabhi ko 100 ki hari patti ki aisi lat lag gayi hai ke kya bataun Ek khwaab pura hote hi, Apna lal signal lekar pahunch jaate hain Kehte Hain beta tum isse aage kya ja paoge Beta tumse na ho payega Phir unn choteContinue reading “Khawabon Ka Traffic Hawaldaar”

PK – In My View

As I write this post, there are rumours that pk is an alien from outer space who comes to earth to discover God. PK’s character also seems pretty similar to Mr.Bean to many people. I don’t know who PK is exactly. But the teaser says alot about the film. The movie challenges the reality. ItContinue reading “PK – In My View”