Haider (A Painting)


Revenge begets Revenge. Haider is not just a film, it is a painting done on the landscape of Kashmir. Based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet this art piece exposes the reality of the Valley on the backdrop of Family rivalry. Vishal Bhardawaj, the painter has used perfect combination of his colours, be it the music, the dialogues or the direction. The background score works as a catalyst to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. But what takes my breath away are the characters painted in it. Whether it is Haider (Shahid Kapoor), Khurram (Kay Kay Memon), Ghazala (Tabu) or Arshia (Shraddha Kapoor). The special appearances by Roohdaar (Irrfan) or Dr. Hussain Meer (Narendra Jha) were also powerful.
The family rivalry is a subtext to the situation in Kashmir, the tussle between the Army and the Militants in which the common people of Kashmir are the biggest loser. Haider shows the warmth that common people of Kashmir have even after going through a lot of pain. Kashmiris have lost their loved ones, who are either killed in fake encounters by Army or brainwashed by Militant groups across the border.
The painter’s apprentice, Pankaj Kumar (Director of Photography), who also worked as DOP in another work of art (Ship Of Theseus)
also gets a special mention for his sheer brilliance in cinematography.
At last, If the jealous and corrupt Censor Board Of India had not made 42 cuts, this nearly perfect masterpiece would have been perfect.

Gulzar Sahab Zindabad.

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