God’s Fool of the Day

Everyday I boarded the same monstrous bus which took me to a hell (college) . But today was a lucky day for me because  when I  reached the  stand a magic bus was waiting for me. A bus whose destination was my hometown, where a proud father and a worried  mother are waiting  since sixContinue reading “God’s Fool of the Day”

What’s my fault???(english translation)

I may be a cute six year old or working 26 year old It hardly makes any difference I may be an innocent small town girl or a powerful high society creature It hardly makes any difference I am always bound to the same fate. Sometimes I question the world that what’s my fault? TheyContinue reading “What’s my fault???(english translation)”

The confessions of a Bumb

“One who can laugh on himself can easily make others burst into laughter”-Charlie Chaplin. Your chilhood is a disaster when you have a weird surname like me. My Surname is Bumb and we do not deal in human weapons believe it or not . Sometimes it is kinda awkward to read my surname mispelled byContinue reading “The confessions of a Bumb”